Portfolio Design Inspirations for Websites

Portfolio design ideas really help you as a web designer. You are able to bring the portfolio design items to your client. Then, the client will choose which template he wants for his website. Some years ago, you should bring paper-based portfolio when you meet the client. Nowadays, if you are interested in knowing portfolios from other web designers to enrich your knowledge about web design, you are able to visit the website of the designer. Here are two impressive designs for your portfolio design ideas. Those are from Pikaboo, Lyndon Wade, Daniel Stenberg, and also Domenico Tedone Design owevHo

Portfolio Design Items for Websites: Pikaboo and Lyndon Wade

Pikaboo and Lyndon Wade are incredible samples if you intend to use black as a dominant color for your design. Pikaboo portfolio design presents the high level of creativity that the designer has. What makes this design unique is that the user just needs to utilize the scroll button that is available on the computer mouse. That aims at navigating down and up the showcase. On the other hand, the designer provides a columned outlook when you click the button of the ‘overview’.

The second portfolio design is Lyndon Wade. This is pretty effective for integrating the design interface. You just need to click a link available in the portfolio. That is able to expand a film strip that is presented in the thumbnails. It is really different from other portfolio design template. You are able to make it for your next project if you want. You are able to look up the sample in the official website of Lyndon Wade.

Portfolio Design Items for Websites: Daniel Stenberg and Domenico Tedone Design

Why does this article choose Daniel Stenberg and Domenico Tedone Design? It is since both are a good example for a portfolio design which has unique navigation schemes. Let us discuss Daniel Stenberg first. This design frames every work he makes. All users and visitors are able to navigate the works horizontally. The users will get clean results of it. In addition, the design is not too complicated and pretty effective to show the content.

The second example of portfolio which has unique and impressive navigation schemes is Domenico Tedone Design. This web is completed with 3D effect. So, the users are able to see the works that he makes through a rotating 3-D wheel. They just us the scroll if they want to operate the portfolio design.