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How to Secure Your Cloud Hosting Account

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Cloud hosting is the next big thing in web hosting industry. There are so much cloud hosting services can achieve that conventional hosting can’t. You can, for example, have more web hosting space for less by going for cloud hosting instead of a more conventional physical server. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for good security practice in order to keep your cloud hosting account as secured as possible. Here are a few tips you can follow.

A Strong Password & Two-Factor Authentication

Depending on the cloud hosting service you use, you can now activate two-factor authentication to further protect your account. Whenever you need to sign in, the server will send a temporary authentication password or code to your smartphone or via other supported methods.

Two-factor authentication means no unauthorized parties can access your account without your permission. Even when someone tries to hack into your cloud hosting account, you will get the authentication request and quickly prevent that person from accessing the account further.

If two-factor authentication is not supported, on the other hand, you can choose a strong password instead. It is not difficult to set up a strong password, especially with apps such as 1-Password now come equipped with password generators. Don’t forget to change the password at least once every 6 months to keep your account secured.

Security Certificate and SSH Keys

This next tip is for those of you who use cloud VPS service to host your websites or web apps. Instead of allowing administrators to log in via SSH using standard passwords, create SSH keys for each individual administrator. Once the keys are installed, you can then disable password logins to protect your cloud VPS entirely.

Key-based authentication is much more secured than password-based logins simply because they can only come from authorized machines. Since passwords are disabled, you don’t have to worry about other people trying to brute-force their way into your cloud hosting account.

For front-end users, set up SSL security with a valid security certificate to prevent data theft and unauthorized access. SSL is great for online stores and websites who need to gather users’ information as well, since the presence of a valid security certificate will help increase users’ confidence level when submitting their details.

Backups Stored Remotely

One of the key benefits of using cloud hosting is its immense reliability. Instead of using just a single physical server, a cloud server is constructed from several servers bound together into a cluster. Even when one – or several – of the servers stops working, your data remains safe and the site will continue to be accessible.

Even with the extra layer of security, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have proper backups. Luckily, the best cloud hosting services usually come with built-in automated backup creation tool. The only thing you need to do, except from letting the system back up your entire server, is move the backup files to a remote location.

For this, you can choose one of two methods. You can download the backup files and store them offline. This is the most cost-effective way of backing up your server and doesn’t require extra backup services at all. However, in the event of a disaster – or when you need to move to a new cloud service – you will have to upload everything; this is not always practical or easy to do.
The second approach is to set up a cloud backup account on a remote server and then automatically copy the backup files to that new account. The entire process can be fully automated too, thanks to the best web apps and cloud management tools available today. You can even use free services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to store your backup files.

Private Networking

Again, this one is for cloud VPS users. Most cloud VPS services now allow users to create private VPS. Digital Ocean, for instance, offers private networking for select droplets. When used correctly, private networking can actually be used to secure different parts of your server.

You can, for example, set up a separate MySQL or database server for your hosting setup. Activate private networking on the database server and whitelist only the main web server’s IP address. The database server will be safe from external access and you no longer have to worry about information theft or hacking.

The same setup can be used with server-side caching. Varnish or Nginx can now be used as a reverse proxy for your site, protecting the rest of the server from external access altogether. Now that important parts of the server is hidden behind a layer of a public server or proxy, securing your cloud hosting account will be much easier to do.
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Choosing the Right Web Hosting

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In order to expand the availability of a website, web hosting service turns to be something that is mandatory to apply. This website hosting is the kind of service that is offered by companies which provide space on a server to be used for clients. Besides, these companies also provide typical internet connection of a data center. Further, by using this kind of service, your webpage will be accessible in World Wide Web (WWW). And if you are about to use this kind of service, there are some things to consider as followed. All of these are the points that will be useful in helping you decide which company that should be chose.

First and the most basic thing is specification and limitation of the web hosting that is offered. Every hosting has different kind of specification and limitation, this why it is important to know which one that is best and can fulfill your needs. So, before deciding to choose a certain hosting, you need to perfectly understand the need of your website first. If you aim to host something like e-commerce site, video content, blog, and other rich content websites, then the cheap hosting obviously not the wise choice. Instead, you should go to the middle class until the advance level of hosting that provides more specification that you need.

Second, consider the speed access and its reliability. We often find it is so annoyingly frustrating every time we access a site then suddenly it is down. This thing will also work on our site. When it is frequently down, then it will lead the visitors to move to another site. This is why we need to keep our site to always in better performance. Further, reliability is also important to guarantee the service quality that offered. So, to understand whether the web hosting provider is reliable or not, you can check it through the track record and customer reviews.

Then, you also need to consider the further tech support. As we know, not all providers offer this kind of service. So in order to get ease, you really need to consider the one that do. It is because tech support is really important for your website due to the fact that even the world’s highest secured website, it still has the probability to go down sometime. So, when this thing happens to yours, just make sure that you have someone in line that is ready to fix it anytime soon. Finally, by doing the things above, getting the high quality web hosting won’t be something difficult anymore.

New Technology in Web Hosting Service

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Web developers use web hosting as place to store their work. Hosting service is centre of website. After designer finish job, this service gives permission to users. Accessible visitor can use internet to get content of website. This concept is similar with data centre. In many situations, hosting can be virtual storage. However, main function of hosting is website accessibility provider. To make it simple, you can think about one computer that can receive and send data over internet. Because creating private server is very expensive for personal website, this service reduces cost and space. Moreover, you do not bother with bandwidth or some protocols. Let’s hosting company takes them.

There is several hosting type. Basic hosting is personal usage. Users can upload their website into server and add domain. Once this setting is done, everyone can access it via internet. Many companies develop new technology to make users get backup data. You might experience that website cannot be opened for particular time. This problem occurs because overload traffic. To overcome it, company offers virtual dedicated server. Web hosting will look like your own personal computer. Your website does not share with others because one dedicated server is for one user. The benefit is high-speed upload and downloads. Moreover, your visitor can access website in no time. You should learn some knowledge to manage website well through virtual server.

Promising technology in hosting is cloud system. In this service, customers will have more flexibility to develop website. Server works simultaneously without going down. You will be charged according to resources used by customer. It saves time and money. Moreover, cloud hosting has integrated mobile system. Without conventional computer, your mobile device will be good replacement. Rapid growing in Smartphone creates new market in web hosting. Mobile based service is promising because cheap and faster. is the Best Image Uploader that Bring Lots New Features

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Media files are very important to support better productivities in our daily life. Since the development of websites and social media are wide spread, the need of media storage is increased time to time. There is available so much image-based storage that offers spacious benefits; somehow, you will never satisfy before you find the perfect Free image hosting. Free services are well known for its limited features and sometime limited time of usage. So, is there any hosting that provide better offer?

Well, the mature comparison and selection of appropriate storage is really needed. As the solution, you can consider about LLL. It is such an unlimited storage that can afford all of your graphic media need. You are allowed to upload your files here with a lot of supported format. As you know, you will be able to upload jpg, bmp, gif format and many more. It can be adjusted to all your needs. The amount or file size is up to 50MB.

There are tons of advantages from this image hosting. It does not only provide unlimited storage only. It has an unlimited bandwidth traffic that will provide smooth website exploring with a stable speed instead. This is all you need. It means that you can use all those media all the time without needed to consider the most appropriate time to reach better bandwidth traffic. Indirectly, it will produce better functions and productivity for you who are working with online media elements.

You can use this unique and special image uploaded almost anywhere. Since you have browser and your internet connection, it is possible for you to upload images from local upload, compact camera, drag and drop, clipboard upload and even mobile upload when you are away from your PC. As you know, you will also receive great features of image editing options here. Some of them are the resize function, strip Exif data, NSFW, image expiration, and then also private upload and so on.

You have to feel the image uploading and editing experience on There is no other anywhere image uploader that works best like this one. It offers you all the benefits with no costs at all. You can even use this uploader for supporting the debut in the blog and web development, blog posting, forums and so on. Just bring your image uploading processes to be faster and better. This kind of best image uploader is incredibly available here.