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The Length Of Time Necessary For Effective SEO

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SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of moving traffic from organic, natural and free search results with search engines. A higher ranking is achieved on search engines with relevant phrases and keywords, and traffic is driven to the site. More traffic brings in more leads and sales for the company. Most people already realize the importance of SEO for their businesses, but do not know how long it is going to take. There are numerous factors that determine the speed of the results.

The length of time necessary for results depends on how long the domain name and website have been in existence, and what has already been done. Other factors include the amount of content, the condition of the website, and the budget. There are numerous steps to SEO implementation including research, a website audit, keyword strategy, discovery and planning. When this can be accomplished quickly, the technical changes can be put into effect inside of a month. The discovery and research phases can take longer than a month.

The technical work is the next step and can take between one and five months. This includes necessary website changes based off the audit and research. The content creation is articles, white paper, adding blogging, company information, FAQ’s, etc. The time is spent cleaning up links of low quality, promoting content, and the incorporation of social media management. This will increase the content, and traffic will be directed to the site.

The increase in traffic usually occurs around the fifth month. The leads and rankings also start to grow. Once the results start, it is important not to quit because the increase will continue. The six-month results are minimal compared to the results after twelve months.

The average for results is four to six months. This begins with an increase in traffic leading to more leads and sales. This can be accomplished by the individual, but using an agency like 445 media is beneficial. They offer SEO, website design, social media marketing, digital branding, online marketing and more. Whether the individual chooses to manage the site, or use an agency, the time frame should now be much clearer.