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Social Media as New Internet Marketing

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Internet users grow rapidly. Many people connect to world and create new market. The term internet marketing has known long ago. It means using internet to spread marketing strategy. Basically, people cannot distinguish digital and internet marketing. They always think similar application. However, digital focuses for content management and internet is media. Nowadays, most of internet users are no longer desktop and personal computer basis. They use Smartphone. Conventional communication expands into data basis consumption. With Smartphone, people chatting, send message, or just browsing. They become potential market for particular product. Advertisement on conventional board is not effective any more. Company should find new way to introduce and sell product.

To reach more customers, many companies develop new strategy. It is extended version of internet marketing. People call it social media marketing. Generally, it aims specific internet users. They are much kind of social media. People interact to family, friend, and relative. In this media, you might find new friend with same background, hobby and interest. Marketing basic principle has two functions. First thing is introduction. Marketing acts as bridge to connect demand and supply side. Introduction is method to give information about certain product to potential customer. It induces willingness to buy. Second thing is keeping customers. Marketing maintains company and customer relation. With new discount or prize, customer will be loyal.

Social media marketing consists of two approaches. Passive approach can be seen in static website. In this method, you will see post and advertisement about certain product. The interaction between seller and buyer happens in transaction. This method is good for existing product because people have known it for long time. The next one is active approach. Customers can write review, suggestion, or remark about product. Buyer encourages them to express their feeling. Both of them are part of internet marketing.